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Outreach & Education

Winning the hearts and mind of potential clients, residents, voters, constituents or stakeholders begin and end with outreaching to them and educating them about a specific topics. The desired outcome, whether its winning a political campaign or educating the public about a specific health or social issue, is reached through the direct engagement and understanding of the various demographics within the target communities. Assessing the needs of the target population of outreach and education efforts helps to identify any barriers that exist and how to best create a tool or intervention that fits the population’s needs. Assessing the needs of a community could help explain what is needed to make programs more available and effectual at reaching the target population. Equally important is the process of engaging stakeholders to help increase the depth of knowledge about their needs and to get ongoing feedback throughout the evolution of a project. Engaging different stakeholders allows for inclusion of diverse perspectives, community buy-in, and can lead to improved intervention outcomes within diverse cultures and contexts. At Global Urban Strategies, Inc. we know how to effectively engage stakeholders to contribute greatly to the success of a program: it is a co-learning process where individuals are empowered to help create programs to benefit their own communities.

Why work with us?

Global Urban Strategies, Inc. has the experience to develop and implement outreach and education campaigns that effectively communicate the value of your program or message. We have learned how to empower communities through coalition building, creating community partners, transforming residents into advocates and integrating existing services with the program or message we are disseminating. We create and enhance the tools necessary to provide measurable success from multiple perspectives. Let us improve the outcome and success of your campaigns.

We provide solutions not additional issues.