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Grant Writing & Administration

At Global Urban Strategies, Inc. (GUS ) success is determined not by the number of applications submitted but the number of successful funding allocations obtained for our clients. Our approach is more consistent with that of a boutique firm that provides excellent customer service, understands what the client is looking for and works hand in hand with each individual department to meet their unique goals and objectives. GUS is committed to advocating and procuring funds specific to their client. We understand that other cities are seeking similar forms of capital, and in order to maximize our clients’ profitable gains, GUS does not enter into contractual obligations with potential clients who would be competing for the same funding sources.

Why work with us?

Our role at Global Urban Strategies, Inc. (GUS) is to convert your ideas and concepts into workable and concrete programs and projects. GUS will serve as the bridge between the grant applicant and the grant provider. GUS ’s role is to put into writing our client’s concepts and transform them into projects that the funding institution will support.

More than just providing a well-written document, GUS grant writers possess strong research skills. Part of the work of the grant writer is the identification and selection of appropriate potential donors. GUS understands the methodology needed to increase the probability of receiving allocations from key institutions, and we will continually research and analyze funding opportunities.