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Government Advocacy & Entitlements

Government Advocacy and Entitlements is the art of getting to yes. At Global Urban Strategies, Inc., we have the personnel and the political knowledge to help you navigate the different municipalities and approval processes. From controversial entitlements such as zoning disputes, Conditional Use Permits, density issues with large developments of residential, mixed use or commercial projects; business licensing issues due to a controversial project or lack of political will; Cannabis to type 20/21 liquor licenses, we have the strategies to get your projects approved.

Why work with us?

Let’s face it, if you could get your project approved on your own, you would. We have never been hired because a client has the perfect project and the municipality is dying to get their project approved, constructed or funded. We have had more clients come to us after they have been told that their project will never be approved than any other firm in California. Your denial is our opportunity to succeed. We will not be deterred by nay Sayers. If there is a way to get to yes, we will find it.

We provide solutions not additional issues.